1. It was probably a ‘third party app’ that was used by hackers to compromise PTI’s twitter account and it was simply posted to their feed.


2. The hackers did not have access to PTI Twitter login credentials and only used ‘OAuth’ for posting tweets and changing the account’s profile pic.


3. Point no.2 is further supported by the fact that older tweets weren’t deleted and PTI deleted the tweets posted by the hacker(s) within 20 minutes.


 4. PTI acknowledged the hack in a tweet post within an hour of the (cyber) attack – See here: 

5. PTI had by then revoked permissions from settings for all linked third party apps


6. Sources in the Indian government say, that contrary to initial speculation, Iran does not seem to have any hand in this hack. The logo of ‘Iran Crack Security Team’ could well be a false-flag operation designed to complicate India-Iran ties.

* PTI was unavailable for comments




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